If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it - Peter Drucker

Most sales activity happens outside your CRM, which means you are probably missing things critical to your sales success.  Nexd connects to everything related to sales, even internal collateral.  By measuring more, you can improve more, and in ways you might not expect.


You never know where your next advantage comes from in sales.  It could be a prospecting tool, or a particular email template, or an incredible white-paper.  Traditional tools are too structured in the data they use to find the patterns of success.   Our philosophy is different.  Because you can never be sure what will create success in the future, we connect to everything, and let the data tell you what works.  

Nexd supports thousands of the most popular apps.  This gives you access to things you should pay more attention too.  We can answer, do your reps use LinkedIn effectively?  Are they using your prospecting tools?  Do they leverage your competitive materials?

Efficiency - How much effort per dollar closed

Sales teams today are managed by quotas, velocity, commits.   This is great for financial metrics, but when you are trying to improve conversion rates, or reduce time to close, it's not helpful.  Nexd helps you improve your selling process by measuring the work being done, and how effective that work is at moving opportunities.  By keeping track of how much effort you are putting into opportunities compared to what you get, you can focus on the right accounts.

This gives you something you've never had before, a tool helping you get work done faster, so you can close more business.

Get the details with Engaging Visualizations

Analytics and metrics are great, but only if they are easy to use.   Nexd automatically creates dashboards for anything you care about in Salesforce, like all your opportunities and contacts.  These customizable dashboards give you instant insight into what works for your selling relationships and activity.    

By having purpose specific dashboards for everything, it's easier to drill in and understand where things might be going wrong.  Easily manage your sales process, and stay effective as a team.