Once we know something, we find it hard to imagine what it was like not to know it. - Chip Heath

Understanding what's really happening in your sales process is extremely difficult.  The data is inconsistent, is provided mainly by reps, and accuracy is problematic.   This means most sales process improvement often happens without data, and changes are made without any real way of knowing the consequences.


As a sales leader, your job is to help your team prioritize.  Not every deal is worth chasing, not every tactic works for every customer.  Everyone needs to understand what works, and do the things with the most impact. More importantly, sometimes it's just as important to know what not to do.  The number of things that can kill a deal are endless.

Nexd helps you find and understand the patterns of success for your sales team.


In sales, it's easy to focus on the person who's talking to you instead of the people that truly influence the close and those that can sign checks.  As a sales leader, you need to be able to identify when a rep is burning cycles on the wrong contacts, and redirect them.  

Nexd builds a relationship map of everyone you interact with (whether they are a contact or not), to help you know who you are selling to.  We'll also suggest possible contacts you should consider adding to your CRM along the way, another small feature but invaluable feature of Nexd. 


One of the biggest challenges in understanding what's happening in sales is getting the whole story, the buyers journey.   You want the customer's side of the story, not just your salesperson's.  You want all the data, not just what the rep loads into your CRM.

Nexd takes everything about a contact/account/opportunity/lead and builds a specific dashboard.  Now you can know exactly where things are, not just when your sales rep remembers to update your CRM.  Nexd also becomes a searchable reference for you.  Not sure if that NDA was ever signed?  Search Nexd.   Understand exactly what's going on without micro-managing your sales team.