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NEXD is the one sales tool B2B sales pros actually want to use. With constantly updated recommended Next Steps, we quickly improve pipeline stage velocity and close rates, taking care of the mundane tasks, so you can focus on what really matters—building relationships and trust.

We’re currently in private beta.
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Simple, Intelligent and Effective

Music services know what artists you like. Your shopping marketplace suggests items to buy. Even your map apps know where you need to go and the best route. Shouldn’t you expect the same from your CRM? Using big data, predictive analytics and machine learning, NEXD is changing the way sales professionals work.


Recommended Next Actions

Constantly updated, personalized actions for each rep and opportunity (reactive and proactive), proven to improve pipeline stage velocity and close rates.


Enterprise-Wide Search

Instant access to all customer-related information, spread across CRM, email, calendars, help desks, websites and hundreds of other apps companies use each day.


Consolidated Pipeline

Comprehensive view into all Pipeline activities, over time, with instant detection of exceptions to drive continuous improvement.


Deep Intelligence

Insight into every touch point and data point, broken out by anything (rep, account, stage) to identify patterns of success and breakdowns.

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Know everything, be prepared for anything.

Sales Reps can quickly advance deals with the most impactful information at your fingertips.

  • Take proven action with a personalized feed of suggested next steps
  • Find comprehensive and hidden information with a single search spanning all enterprise-wide apps, websites and more
  • Reduce manual and error prone data entry
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Change pipeline review meetings forever.

Sales managers improve forecasting and spot issues in pipeline movement before they impede results.

  • Easily identify exceptions and risk factors in the sales process
  • Improve the accuracy of forecasting and reporting with consolidated and prioritized information
  • Measure the effectiveness of sales tactics and overall sales process efficiency
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Access every drop of information related to your sales opportunities.

The details you need to close your next deal aren't in just one place, they're spread across the organization, including:

  • CRM and email, calendars and call centers
  • Content repositories and help desks
  • And the hundreds of other SaaS apps that you and your co-workers use each day.
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NEXD is currently in private beta.

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